Tuesday, August 10, 2010

PJD Run 2010


  1. Thanks for sharing the energy, the enthusiasim of the Chariots of Fire race. The great spirit and organization that supports such an event was wonderful to see. For those of us who see young people working together, it surely gives us hope for our coming generation. Keep it up, we need your kind of spirit.

    I also enjoyed reading about the Master Naturalist work you have done. Always good to hear good, positive news from the Border.

    Grateful to you and your leaders!

    Sr. Patricia Connolly, DC

  2. Wow! Felt like I was actually there with all of you! What great pictures. I see every participant has a blue T-shirt and there are certificates and medals. Is the pink bike a prize? Looks like you had at least 99 running. Must have been great. Perfect music selection! Looks like a lot of folks worked hard on this. Congratulations!
    Sr. Marguerite Broderick DC